60%-80% of all website traffic starts with a search…

60%-80% of all website traffic starts with a search…

Studies suggest that anywhere from 60%-80% of all website traffic starts with a search… That’s a huge opportunity for you and your business! SEO is the answer!

Why should I care about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

You may have heard us talking about Search Engine  Optimisation, or SEO for short, when talking about websites. SEO is all about making your website easy for Google to “read”. The easier it is for Google’s crawler to determine what your website is about, the higher up it puts you up in the search results.

SEO often gets forgotten about or missed by businesses. This may because they don’t understand what SEO is, or unaware of the huge benefits of SEO for their website.

So, here are the main 3 benefits of SEO for your website:

SEO is the best source of traffic for quality leads. When someone searches on Google, they will be actively looking for something. By ranking for the keywords they are searching for, you can get your business in front of people looking for the products or service you offer. 

SEO is a continuous source of traffic. Other marketing techniques for generating website traffic, such as paying for ads, social media and email marketing, requires regular management and work. But with SEO, once you’ve done the work and optimisation, you’ll receive website traffic month after month.

SEO is FREE! Unlike paying for ads, SEO is free except for your time investment. If you are new to SEO there is a huge amount of training and resources online to teach you the fundamentals. Once you have the knowledge and skills and are consistent with your SEO practices, you’ll be able to rank at the top of the search engine results page. 

Haven’t got the time to do SEO yourself?

CS One’s SEO campaigns take away the stress and hassle that comes with increasing the visibility of your website. We have a range of different SEO options that you can spec to get your website from page 100 to page 1.

Interested? Contact us today and talk with one of our SEO experts!

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