Google Confirms Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google Core Update

Google Confirms Broad Core Algorithm Update

The rumours start, the chatter stirs, rankings fluctuate and SEOers begin to assume the worse – an update has hit the SERPS.

Whilst we’ve seen less and less large sudden changes over the past few years as Google makes more smaller, AI influenced changes, I’ve had a flashback to the early days of SEO with a new “Broad Core” algorithm update on Google Search.

Very rarely does Google confirm an update, but the chatter appears to have broke down the barrier – slightly.

A Broad Core update is different from the Penguins, Pandas and Pigeons of yesteryear (which focused on a specific type of issue – such as link spam or duplicate content), but rather a literal change to the technical workings of the algorithm.

A core update may have changed around the importance of one ranking signal, added some new factors or changed how the crawler views aspects of your website.

We have seen some very sudden changes in the space of a day (12th/13th March), and thankfully, it seems to have worked well for our SEO clients.

If you’ve been penalised by the latest update give us a shout, and we’ll happily take a look at what could have gone wrong and work to recover.

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