LinkedIn Pages Change For Businesses … Again


LinkedIn Pages Change For Businesses … Again

Is it just me, or have us LinkedIn geeks been a bit confused over the past few years? Microsoft’s vision of a new LinkedIn didn’t turn out like I thought it would.

From every page losing its unique URL for a while to be in “beta”, despite never being asked to opt-in, and what must have been numerous banner dimension changes, to not being able to share types of content due to API restrictions.

This week LinkedIn has given company pages, now known as “LinkedIn Pages“, a refresh. A much-needed upgrade. When I saw it for the first time today a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. In addition to other recent developments in LinkedIn lately (maybe not always implemented with the required quality assurance for a business network with half a billion users), namely video and improvements in the structure of personal pages, means I’m starting to get excited about the future of LinkedIn.

This may be exacerbated by my recent visit to Kent’s first ever LinkedIn Local which you can read about here.

The new features are as followed:

1. Share Colleagues Posts on your LinkedIn Page

This is massive. For my clients and me anyway. I’ve been banging on about “Employee Advocacy” for years now, and this is the cherry on top. A constant ask of clients, and now I can deliver.


2. Content Suggestions for LinkedIn Pages

While this is a good idea in context, hopefully, this doesn’t add too much to the regular robotic-like posting we see from many already.

Use this new feature as a way to play on the news by responding with extra views and opinions and its potential effect on business. Also, you never know, you might just learn something yourself, and it could inspire a few new blog articles of your own.


3. More Appealing LinkedIn Pages

You can now add a short 120 character bio to your LinkedIn page. I can see this being used very similar to Twitter, be sure to shout about how many years you’ve been going, how many people you employ, and if you’re feeling confident your turnover.

You can also associate hashtags to your page, which users can then follow – getting some De-Ja-Vu? Me too – Instagram vibes.


4. A Fancy New Playbook for LinkedIn Pages

To line up with the rollout of LinkedIn Pages, the network has made a guide to building the best LinkedIn Page you can. From expert tips to drafting and posting content, to make your page visually stunning.

Don’t want to trawl through 33 pages of Playbook goodness? Or don’t have the time to manage a LinkedIn page? Then please, get in touch with me – I’m loving the new features and an opportunity to use them more while growing a business, then I’m keen.

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