Logo design.

Professional logo design, branding and corporate identity in Kent. Our experienced team of logo designers create unique logos to match your brand strategy.

Badging your company & building the brand.

A great logo and graphics are not only aesthetically pleasing, they will also embody the qualities and values of your brand. The relationship and application of a logo, graphics, fonts and a specific colour scheme are key to achieving a consistent look and feel for your brand.

What we can do for your brand.

Whether starting from scratch or working on a re-brand, we’ll give your business a voice, a look, a way of behaving and a message.

If you already have the foundations we will work with you to develop your existing imagery and wording into your new brand, while if you’re starting from scratch, don’t worry…we love blank canvases! Our in-house team comprises of marketing gurus, graphic designers, web designers and copywriters, all of which will be more than happy to create an identity for your brand!

Your brand bible.

Once your brand is in place we’re able to build you a brand bible – your brand guidelines. By drawing up your brand guidelines we will put a strict set of rules in place for your brand. These can be followed by anyone in your organisation to keep anything created within the identity we have designed for you. The brand guidelines will cover everything from logo usage to fonts, graphics, colours, language and wording conventions.

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