Web Ad-blocking almost at 50% Worldwide

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Web Ad-blocking almost at 50% Worldwide

The latest survey by GlobalWebIndex has found that 47% of users on the internet have used an ad-blocker at least once as of Q3 2018.

The highest take-up of Ad Blockers is seen in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region of the world with a 50% user base, the lowest being us here in Europe at 40%. Generally, adoption of ad blockers has remained static with the exception of the middle-east which has seen a small increase of 2% to 49%.

The survey also questioned the motivations behind ad-blocking, with 48% complaining they see “too many ads”, followed closely by “Ads are annoying or irrelevant” and “Ads are too intrusive” at 47% and 44% respectively.

Ad-blocking is more common on desktop devices, however, mobile adoption is not far behind.

Ad-blocking always causes a stir. For us in an agency, we could be concerned that it limits our ability to reach out to our clients’ audiences (although other methods of monetization fill this gap). For content creators whose income comes from placing ads on their website also struggle with building in an income to cover their costs.

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