Web design.

Our expert designers will talk to you to find out exactly what you need before coming up with something that is easy for you to manage and user-friendly for your customers.
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Bespoke web design.

Each project starts as a blank canvas. Each website is hand-crafted to match the objectives of your business. To get there, we produce sketches, wireframes and mockups. If your project requires it, we’ll develop customer profiles and user journeys to help guide visitors to where you need them to go. The result is a digital masterpiece which delivers results and impresses your clients.

At CS One we use a mobile first approach to responsive design and we deliver the best experience on the smallest devices, progressively enhancing the user experience as the device screen gets larger.

User experience / UX design.

We explore what your customers and visitors want, do, find and interact with on your website. The analysis of business processes in play on your website informs all aspects of the design and delivery. Everything is considered; from the colour of a button, the way a form looks, to the messages in your calls-to-actions. These all contribute to how your customers will interact with your site.

Much thought goes in to every stage of a website from research and planning, to design & development right through to user and browser testing. Making sure your website is on brand and achieves your goals.

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